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Pearl Envy

Treasure Coin Draw (Game)

Treasure Coin Draw (Game)

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Seize your chance to partake in Treasure Coin Draw and receive 6 coins each with a prize attached and drawn randomly. You have the chance to win 6 out of 7 different prizes that can be drawn but If you're fortunate enough to acquire all coins with the most valuable prizes you have the potential to win a Whopping $230 in winnings! Prizes may be subject to change at anytime. Potential prize are as followed

• Freshwater Oyster -$15 - value

• Akoya Oyster -$15 value

 • $5 off code

 Edison Pearl Oyster (9-15 mm large pearl)   -$55 value

• Wheel Spin -$15 value

 Replay $6 value

 • Cage -$15 value 

We guarantee you will always win more than you pay for any of our games - absolutely unheard of in the industry!




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