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Pearl Envy

Pearl Pursuit (Game)

Pearl Pursuit (Game)

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 Pearl Pursuit is an exciting game with an incredible reward - up to $150 in Akoya pearls! Each tin in the series is numbered 1-15 and three of the tins contain 10 pearls with a with the highest value giving you a great chance to win a luxurious prize.

4 tins have 5 Akoya pearls -$65 value

1 tins have 6 Akoya pearls - $90 value

1 tins have 7 Akoya pearls -$105 value

1 tins have 8 Akoya pearls - $120 value

3 tins have 10 Akoya pearls - $150 value

*You are guaranteed to win more than the value of any of our games in winnings which is absolutely unheard of.




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