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Pearl Envy

Pearl Dice Drop (Game)

Pearl Dice Drop (Game)

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Pearl Dice Drop consist of two dice. Die one offers four sides marked with a #1 and two sides marked with a #2. Die number two holds the prizes and offers a range of prizes from $75 to $120 in value. I will Roll the dice for the player, if die number one lands on a side with a number one the player will win the prizes that die two landed on and revealed. If the die lands on a side with the number two the player wins double the prizes revealed on die number two. Players will win a guaranteed minimum of $75 up to a maximum of $220 if they roll a 2 on die number one and land on the highest prize on die number two.

We guarantee that all our games will offer you more value than what you paid which is absolutely unheard of. 

Prizes are subject to change at any time


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